The Band

Joseph Leanza - Vocals
Patrick Peterson - Lead Guitar
Chris LaPoint – Guitar
Todd Boulland - Bass
Mando Limon – Drums

Coming out of the San Francisco Bay Area, you have a hard hitting metal band filled with focused and talented musicians, with a passion for their craft.

They offer there second newly released CD “Carved In The Wall”. This is a powerhouse collection of original songs. Songs ranging from hard and fast, to heavy and melodic, adding soulful, gritty vocals and jaw dropping lead guitar. This release has found them excellent feedback from fans and peers.

No More Solace was started in the middle of 2011, from veteran members of bands in the SF Bay Area, with the idea of creating their take of the metal sound from the passion they have for the genre. The group consist of Joseph Leanza (vocals) a young talent, brings a soulful, gritty sound, with a passionate presentence, while delivering intelligent and memorable lyrics. Patrick Peterson (lead guitar) an accomplished composer and amazing soloist, supplies lead guitar work that has captivated audiences everywhere. Chris LaPoint (guitar) bringing a powerful and heavy guitar sound, makes the driving riffs and harmonizing licks come alive. Todd Boulland (bass), holding the bottom down with a earth moving bass tone, has the low end pound into your soul. Mando Limon (drums), a technical and proficient time keeper, maintaining the power in the beat.

This quintet incorporates a combination of many well-known genres of metal at all levels. The
No More Solace has found itself on the right path for a unique accent.


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